10 locations with explosive atmosphere to welcome the new year 2016

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Times Square in New York, Sydney Harbour in Australia or Goa, India ... is the appropriate place for you to welcome the New Year atmosphere very jubilant.

Traditionally, the New Year is always a family reunion occasion, but today it is no longer the absolute sense that you should just stay at home and celebrate with relatives. There are many other wonderful places you waved goodbye to 2015 and welcome the New Year 2016.

Times Square, New York, USA

Festival to celebrate the New Year at Times Square in New York has become a tradition since 1900. At the moment of celebrating the new year, a sea of ​​people flock to this place, regardless of the weather conditions. Everyone wants to experience directly the jubilant atmosphere.You not only enjoy the spectacular scene takes place but also be immersed in festivities celebrating the new year with more than 1 million people passionate, playful presence at Square.


Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, the largest city of Louisiana, not just a place for the two main characters in the film, Klaus and Elijah "Vampires primitive". It also is a fun, entertaining festival is ideal for New Year 2016 - with vampires and werewolves. New Orleans is known for its coffee shops and bars are lovely, with lovely locals. Dancing and drinking on the streets, playing music and meeting new people familiar here, in a beautiful city and a bit unbelievable to this mystery will make you celebrate New Year's become events unforgettable.

Goa, India

One of the most exotic locations to help you get an instant new year will certainly be interesting Goa. Bright sunlight, sea water is warm, and the great party with delicious cocktails will make New Year's event you can taste different. The main attraction of Goa is soaring along palm-lined white sandy beach, the water in the bottom, intact wild character. You can stay in one of the rustic hut or choose a luxury hotel, fully equipped. Join us on New Year's Eve party, full of fun lasts all night on the beach, with fire dancing performances, dancing and enjoying the impressive fireworks display.

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas Strip is 1 more than 6 km long ramp, located South Las Vegas Boulevard. Concentration of hotels, casinos, resorts and entertainment world famous.

Las Vegas Strip is one of the best places to celebrate New Year 2016 with those who love partying. Las Vegas so famous with the party "villages" and the festival never ceases. Everyone gathered here many roads that are often stuck in traffic. When the time of New Year comes, everything in Las Vegas were stopped in minutes. With a cocktail in hand, you will feel excited with spectacular fireworks and a sea of ​​people dancing, singing on the streets; All these things will make your emotions in sublimation.


Sydney Harbour, Australia

Not only locals but tourists also flock to Sydney Harbour New Year Eve.This is a feature iconic festival's unique New Year's Eve in Australia. If you do not like the cold weather and want to celebrate the new year with a warm summer in the heart of Sydney is your dream destination. More than 1 million people joined New Year party and wait fireworks extravaganza at the port of Sydney. The festival lasts until the following morning.

Niagara Falls, Canada

It's hard to describe the feelings and impressions that you have been taking part in New Year's festivities in Niagara Falls. It was like a wonderful dream. Niagara Falls became "soulful" with fireworks spectacular and grandiose festivals on June 31/12. Get ready for all-night partying, drinking delicious cocktails and fun together with 30,000 other people.

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

If you want to celebrate New Year 2016 in a distinct way, buy tickets to Berlin, capital of Germany's dynamic. You will be experienced in a different level of the festival and enjoy. It was an unforgettable start to the new year 2016 between the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Monument.Live concerts, outdoor disco, famous DJ performances, the performances light and great food will make you surprised until the next morning.


Prague, Czechoslovakia

Prague is one of the best places to welcome the new year. Czechoslovak people out like fireworks, so whether you join the new year welcomed anywhere, you still will experience amazing fireworks display ever. The New Year's Eve Gala at the Opera Prague evening program 31.12 is not to be missed. You can also witnessed a dramatic fireworks display over Prague Castle and the Vltava River.

Kitzbühel, Austria

Famous Kitzbühel not like New York, but it also has the uniqueness to introduce travelers. It's a small town with a medieval history starting from the 9th century Many festivals like Kirk Douglas and Coco Channel is appreciated by the hospitality and the splendor of the town. Kitzbühel is the perfect place to celebrate the New Year in the way of romance.Special music and fireworks extravaganza will make your festivities really cute. Skip the champagne and warm up with hot wine. But be careful, do not drink too much because you might miss all the beauty of the night.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro's capital, Brazil

What comes to mind when you think of Rio de Janeiro? That is the party, cocktails, beautiful girls bikini ... Copacabana Beach has all those things.This is where your dreams come true. Reveillon is the main attraction attracted many visitors from all over the world come here every year.People will be dressed in white and enjoy the festival until the morning.

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