5 beautiful mountains red leaf season in Korea

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Visitors to Korea this time just might hiking, camping, just enjoy the forest landscape in the fall leaves turn color.

Here's how to move to 5 beautiful mountains in autumn - time the leaves turn to red and gold across the Koreans.

Seoraksan Mountain, Inje county, province-by Gangwo

The beauty of Seoraksan as overwhelmed visitors year round, more particularly still is autumn, when the colorful mountain natural. Guests planning to make the trip on foot, to the point of watching the leaves change color as Cheonbuldong valleys, mineral springs Osaek, Osaek Baekdam Jujeongol and valleys.

How to move

Guests catch a bus at Dong Seoul Terminal to Sokcho Intercity station.Now it runs from 6h05 am to 23h daily. A long trip around 2h30 - 4h40 (depending on the traffic). The price of a ticket is 17300-19000 won.

From Sokcho Intercity station, visitors ride down No.7 wharf late as Seoraksan Sogongwon. Buses run 20-30 minutes a trip, travel time is 40 minutes. The price of a ticket is 1,200 won.

Ticket office sightseeing bus stop 5 minute walk. Tickets are 3,500 won a mountain.

Mount Odaesan, Pyeongchang County, Gangwon-do


Between October is the time when many tourists come Odaesan for hiking, camping, sightseeing autumn.

Bewitching beauty of the red foliage in Odaesan Mountain makes this place is one of the autumn's coming to Korea. Guests go camping, sightseeing pull from everywhere crowded here, especially around the middle of October onwards. To avoid crowded, visitors choose from Myeonggae road, located north of Temple Woljeongsa, so favorable to Mount Odaesan more.

How to move

From Dong Seoul Terminal, guests start bus Pyeongchang-gun Jinbu (Jinbu Intercity). Time 6h22 to 20h05 vehicle from. Travel time is approximately 2:15. The price is 13,100 won a ticket.

From Jinbu Intercity, welcoming visitors to Mount Odaesan bus trip, stop at Wat Woljeonga or Sangwonsa. Vehicle gone 20-40 minutes depending on destination, maiden run at 6:30 and the last is 19h40. The price of a ticket is 1,900 won and 3,000 won if Woljeonga stop if stopped Sangwonsa.

Tickets to visit Odaesan Mountain is 3,000 won per person.

Mt. Jirisan, county Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do

Korean lovers, mountain Jirisan always mentioned as impressive beauty.Especially in the fall leaves change red, yellow around the end of October, the slopes will be covered bright colors, interspersed with rocky mountain scenery. Here, guests can work out legs by hiking in the valley or Baemsagol Piagol.

Jirisan spanning 3 mountains Gyeongsangnam-do, Jeollabuk-do and Jeollanam-do. Many people choose to walk through the night to feel fuller landscape, natural air of the mountains.


Beautiful scenery in Mount Jirisan.

How to move

Go to Jeollanam-do Province

Guests train from Yongsan Station to Station Guryge. Boats run from 5h22 'to 22h45' all flights. Travel time lost from 2:30 'till 4.30, the price of a ticket from 23000-41500 won (according to the embarkation point). Then, from station to station bus Guryegu Gurye, time to go out for an hour, the first flight was 7h13 'last trip is 19h55'. A bus ticket price of 1,200 won.

Gurye Bus station, visitors began to ride Nogodan, stop down at Seongsanjae. Note, this route is only open in late November to mid-May 4. Time to move all 40 minutes, from 2 hours to have a car. First train at 3h50 and 17h40 Last trip. The price of a ticket is 4,500 won.

Go to Gyeongsangnam-do

Tourists Seoul Nambu Bus station to Jinju Intercity. Start with the car running from 6am to 24h daily, travel time takes 3h40. Price per ticket is about 20300-22300 won. From Jinju Intercity, welcome Jungsan-ri car, stop at the end station. Buses run from 6h10 to 21h10. How a Trip language has run, the price per ticket is 5,900 won.

Go to Jeollabuk-do Province

From the city center station, visitors can ride Namwon Express. Vehicles run from 6 pm to 22h20. One trip took 3 hours, each ticket is priced from 15,800 to 35,600 won.

Song from Seoul Station, travelers to Namwon Bus ride. Every day there are 3 flights at 9h, 10h, 15h20. Travel time is 4 hours, price per ticket is 16,000 won.

At Namwon station, took the bus to Baemsagol, 2h one way trip. Car started running from 6 to 19h20. Travel time takes about 50 minutes, the price per ticket is 5,300 won.

Naejangsan mountain, city Jeongeup, Jeollabuk


Roads covered with red leaves, yellow in autumn in the mountains Naejangsan.

Just behind the mountains Seoraksan National Park Naejangsan where attracts many tourists to visit all year round. Peak time is in the collection, which has rows of maple leaves change color is from ticket sales to area.

How to move

From the city center station (select routes Honam) Jeongeup station, buses run from 6.30 to 22h55, while the move is 3pm. Price per ticket is about 14600-23600 won.

Go Jeongeup, welcoming visitors and 171 vehicles to the wharf Naejangsan. About 30 minutes there is a running trip, travel time is 30 minutes and the ticket price is 1,400 won.

Juwangsan mountain, county cheongsong county, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The national park is home to the top Juwangsan rocks, deep valleys and beautiful waterfalls. Trails to walk here runs through the parking Sangui, tip Kaldeunggogae, Hurimegi, then return to No. 1 mining park. Guests took about 4 hours to go all the way. At dusk, heavy mist will cover mountain lake near Juwangsan Jusanji, combined with the reflection of the water create fascinating spectacle guests. Many photographers paparazzi here year round.

How to move

From Dong Seoul Terminal, guests welcome to Juwangsan Intercity bus.Hour drive from 6:30 to 16h40. Trip time is 4:30 and each one ticket is 24,700 won price.

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