9 things can not miss while in Mumbai

  • 1501 days ago
Join a traditional wedding, aerial yoga or enjoy panoramic city are hard to ignore experience as to Mumbai, the beautiful city of India.


Join a traditional Indian wedding

Take a splendid dress like the locals and choose a wedding any to experience the unique culture of them. If someone asked, reply that you are your daughter's Foreign brides neighbors.


Aerial yoga

Yoga in the air is one of the favorite course of many visitors. Hanging on silk sheets are firmly tied from the ceiling, you will practice yoga movements from simple to complex and very beautiful.


Sunrise at Gateway

Gateway is a well-known works of the city of Mumbai, where visitors and residents have the opportunity to catch the first rays of the day. However, if not packed in crowds, rent a boat and enjoy the sunrise from the sea.


Discover Bollywood hill on car rickshaw

Start a rickshaw cars (vehicles half breed half-breed lambrettas tuktuk) and stroll around the villa of the Bollywood star. At the holidays, you may accidentally met a few Bollywood actor famous here.


Select a hotel-style classic

The quaint hotel is not really popular in Mumbai. However, if lucky accommodate such a hotel, you will admire the architecture of the colonial era, the hand-woven rugs, antique furniture and handmade carvings.


Enjoy the music at Blue Frog

Go to Todi Mills, you will get to experience the restaurant, bar and music space Blue Frog, which gathers the interesting group in Mumbai. From the traditional band to sing a cappella groups modern, all present here.


Cocktail party with the best location in Mumbai

The rooftop bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, with views of the famous Sea Link bridge is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy panoramic city. If you come here on Sunday evening, you can enjoy the music with famous DJ Mumbai.


Kala Ghoda Visit

Kala Ghoda is at the crossroads of traditional and modern elements, is such as zone "Shoreditch" of Mumbai (Shoreditch is an area with many cultural, historical and art in London). In the building was built nearly two centuries ago, you can find galleries, cafes and some fascinating shops. The most appropriate time to look to the Kala Ghoda festival is in February each year.


Strolling through the slums

The slums are part of the city of Mumbai. This is like the small industrial area with production sites, product recycling. The coastal city slums of Mumbai has its own economy and also contributes to the country's GDP.

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