A Handbook for the first time Chinese tourists

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Please take a taxi with meter km in big cities, as you can see taxis and driving will change the price agreed at the last minute or bring you to places that are not as planned.

China mysterious with beautiful nature, rich heritage ... is a frequent destination of tourists around the world. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Xi'an and Hainan are the places you should consider if the first time to China. Some advice of reputable travel site Skyscanner for you:


Forbidden City is one of the places to go in Beijing.

Forbidden City is one of the "place to go" for tourists in Beijing.

The biggest tourist attractions of Beijing is the land surrounding the Forbidden City, which is inhabited by two Ming Dynasty, Qing during 5 centuries. Pay attention to the harmonious combination of old architecture with modern skyscrapers are increasingly springing up all over Beijing.The old town is located adjacent to each other, interspersed with restaurants, bars, cafes ... Do not forget to stop by the restaurant duck tasted Datong and Peking duck, a specialty of nực China. In addition, guests can also book a tour to visit the Great Wall.


Come visit the terra cotta warriors of Qin underground Xi'an, Shaanxi province, was discovered in 1974 by peasants digging a well. This army is a collection of statues including 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and dragging 150 horsemen. Each statue of at least 1.8 m, all of emperor Qin Shihuang. This huge tomb was recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Sichuan Province

Sichuan prosperous land welcomes you to the mystical mountains, deep jungles, untouched countryside eyes wide and many historic villages.Guests can visit the stone Buddhas carved into the back of the mountain."Specialty" of the region are the performances Bian Lian - an extra line of Chinese drama. For those who love animals, the panda research center near Chengdu will take visitors know about bears characteristics of this country. Jiuzhaigou - where paradise on earth - also will be a place not to be missed.

City Shanghai

Shanghai lies to the east, 1,200 km from Beijing, is the face of Chinese urban modernization. It is home to the second highest building in the world, Shanghai Tower, 632 m. If you want to enjoy a bit of the essence just sipping a wine at Glamour Bar, one of the cultural events of the city, with many interesting activities. In addition, guests can visit the Jade Buddha Self or galleries Chinese Calligraphy Museum in Shanghai to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of this ancient city.

Hainan Island

White sand blue sea and sunshine in Hainan.

White sand blue sea and sunshine in Hainan.

Let unwind a bit and to tropical Hainan island beautiful, with palm trees shade the green sea sunshine. Sanya Yalong Bay and explore, guests can enjoy sunbathing, reading on the beach, surfing, when hungry can eat fresh seafood at the restaurant. If you've tired of the ocean, mountain bike hire and look to the midlands, waterfalls, jungle and local villages.


You will take about 4 working days to apply for entry visa once, within 30 days to China. Visa is valid for 3 months from date of issue.

China's currency is the yuan (Renminbi CNY) 1 CNY 3,500 dong.

Go back in the big cities in China is very convenient with synchronous infrastructure, including high-speed train, bus, subway ... When should go to the countryside, you can call the taxi or minibus prisoner.

The best time to travel: March to May, when the weather is most pleasant.However, climate will also differ between regions. Summer and winter weather is quite harsh.

Very difficult to find English speakers in China. Therefore only those travelers who have experienced the new should come out of the inner city.Mandarin and Cantonese are the two most commonly used language in China.

Vegetarians will struggle with eating problems in some areas. The upscale restaurant will add a 15% service charge on the bill.

Take a taxi with meter genuine kilometers in major cities, because the taxis can change the agreed price at the last minute, or take you to places not included in the plan to purchase.

Do not follow the body and pretended stranger invites you to join in the local festivities. You can be "hacked" with a very high price. Only places in your schedule.

Beware of fake money. Cash from ATMs and banks safer.

Just go with the reputable travel company. Some companies can take you to the store with their commission split, however, you just wasted your time here rather than go sightseeing.

Do not buy the goods but you do not know what is in the supermarket.

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