Once placed on the path to 'stumble was dead'

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Step on a narrow plank at thousands of meters high, clearly felt the vibration Jarryd vibration but very excited when viewed from above.

Jarryd Salem - Alesha Bradford's favorite couple photography and adventure tourism, known for the journey log recorded an impressive experience from Thailand to South Africa. Especially two who have never used the plane to move, in order to save costs as well as more clearly perceive the landscape along the way.

Determined to dangerous road on the planet

Jarryd still remember the emotions first saw the image of a man on a narrow wooden planks, bolted into the side of a cliff at an altitude of over 600 m. At that moment, he was determined: "Certainly we must do this."Through research, I knew it was the image of Mount Huashan, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, one of the climbers dangerous places on the planet.


The primitive wooden ladder inside the cliff was "Mesmerized" couple love to travel.

Huashan Mountain 2,000 m altitude is known to be one of the five sacred mountains in China, where "most steep under heaven" - according to the locals. The Taoist temple was built around the mountain, which is part of the folklore of thousands of years. Farmers also built many teahouses and temples on five main peaks. However, due to the rugged mountainside with many crags up the wooden planks born. It stimulates the imagination and sense the recovery of explorers from around the world.

Refusing to climb the cable car

Many years later, Jarryd and Alesha has a chance to Xi'an. "At that time, Xi'an is famous for its terracotta army in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, but what concerns me more is still Huashan Mountain," Jarryd said. "And Alesha, she only view photos only, but was determined to conquer the mountain by it." The two men spent several days exploring our city, as well as learn more about Huashan. Then their most anticipated day has come.


Natural scenery on the way to climb.

Despite the cable car up to the start of the path with wooden walls, both have decided to climb. "That's not our style. I and Alesha determination to conquer Huashan by his own strength ", Jarryd share.

Legend has it that in ancient China only only road up the mountain Huashan - 12 km long with ascending slope and take up to 3,000 years of construction. The starting point of the trail is quite pleasant with a few a bend. Most Chinese tourists are choosing slings instead of walk. However, walking and hiking to help you be visiting all the small temples and shrines built on a mountaintop. Ramp increasingly difficult and steep than the altitude increased.

"Every step requires a lot of effort and diligence" - Jarryd said. After each haul, there will be a turnoff to a temple and various peaks. The whole journey, visitors will only supported by steel bars and wires to keep people in the air.

Stimulation before dangerous brink

Jarryd still remember he was excited to see how the wooden wall hanging at the front. With the support of a man in military dress, the expedition team tied slings and equipment items required to pass tough road.

Jarryd and Alesha are hanging on a rope with two headers on the two slopes of the cliff. "Walk the narrow plank, you even seen shaking, but the feeling from the top looking down really excited" - Alesha share.


Jayrryd fearless but very excited before the protruding of rough wood road.

"That's one of the most amazing feeling we had," Alesha Jarryd and share your thoughts reaching the summit. "Part of me really wanted to climb again, but maybe the time has run out and we had to go back to the end of the day bus trip." Both said there are plenty of places they want to conquer. " You know, come to the right point in your life, you will feel life is meaningful because live out his dream, "Alesha proud.

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