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Washington DC is where many cultures meet. That is why food culture here is very rich. Here are 10 dishes tasty and cheap street sourced from around the world but tourists should not be ignored.

Mandu is a kind of dumpling, key components include tofu, minced beef, pork, mixed vegetables. Steamed or fried Mandu Maybe depending on tastes of each person. Moreover, Mandu can eat with kimchi and chili sauce very tasty.You can find this dish in the streets 18 and K Street, Washington DC. Prices around $ 4 apiece, the time of sale: 16h - 19h afternoon.

Here, the system has 9 pizza shops along the subway system and an international airport gate in Washington DC.The price depends on the location, at under 10 apiece.

Cake Empanadas - dish "cake pillow" of Argentine tradition, can fry in oil or grill. Cake has two categories: salty or sweet person. Julia's shop is well-known address in DC for you to enjoy this dish. Julia's have 3 address, in Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and Brightwood. The price of each is $ 4.18 for the empanada savory pie and $ 2.5 for the cakes.

Baked and Wired is known as the store has the best cupcakes in Washington DC. The most popular cupcake is chocolate cake with cream on top is a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. The price per aircraft is about $ 4.

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam. In Washington DC, you can find dishes with bold flavor this hometown restaurant "Pho Viet" of 3513 14th St. NW for $ 9 USD a bowl. Pho here in full force, peppers, herbs true taste of Saigon Pho.

Honey Grilled chicken wings are tasty, very popular here. Boundary Stone restaurant is famous for this dish in Washington DC. Boundary Stone's address is 116 Rhode Island Ave. NW. The price of a capacity of about 9-10 USD.

Korean mixed rice is also a popular dish here. When having dinner, you mix all ingredients in a bowl, served with a little spicy Korean chili sauce and tasty kimchi very tuneful. Rice with beef, prices, mushroom, carrot, cucumber, egg, kimchi harmony. If in DC, you should look to the mobile food vehicles TaKorean to enjoy this dish. Note that the truck would not serve in the winter. The price of rice productivity is 9 USD.

Burrito is somewhat shell flour tortillas Tortilla's and is part of beef, chicken or pork. Part corn crust often traditional ivory or blue, yellow or red; Steamed or grilled to have to package's soft inside. You can add look to Tortilla Café at Eastern Market - 210 7th St. SE to enjoy. The price of a plate of food that is $ 6.5.

Sandwiches Italy is a dish not new, but well worth enjoying. Human bread accompanied vegetables, cheese, bacon, looks very attractive, full of color. Stores known for this dish is Bub & Pop's, Dupont Circle 1815 M St. address NW. Its price is about 8 USD.

Only 2 USD is you get a great breakfast at Ted's Bulletin and perfectly fried bread. The address of the store is 8th St.SE and 14th St. NW, Washington DC.

Selina Nguyen (According to BuzzFeed)

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