Scores dissipated in 'heaven on earth' Hangzhou

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In Hangzhou, tourists can visit, dining and entertainment enjoyment.Demand always be met fully, moreover, are leaving an unforgettable impression.

Jiangnan region long famous in poetry, painting China. The ancients had a saying: "In heaven there / Down with Su Hang" (the only Hangzhou, Suzhou) to praise the beauty of the romantic area, the country's most romantic billion people.

Suggestions travel and stay

In order to Hangzhou, ordinary Vietnamese tourists will come from Shanghai by car or train. There are 2 types, slow boats and speedboats, with the shortest travel time is about one hour. In particular, high-speed train is the most convenient, affordable, with many flights a day, runs continuously.

Hangzhou is a tourist city it easy to rent a double room clean, comfortable in the center, with prices ranging from 500,000 to a million, right near West Lake. Zhong Shan Zhong Road is where many tourists choose. This is a pedestrian street, stone, ancient, quiet though many shops and stores, close to Hangzhou Railway Station.

City wide, there are many places to play so at least you should stay here for 2 days.

Consulting activities in Hangzhou

Cycling around the West Lake

West Lake is not only seen as the focal point of the city of Hangzhou, but also the "pearl" of the Jiangnan region, even the whole nation of feudal China. Most popular tourist spot in Hangzhou are situated around West Lake. This place itself is well below 10 point to visit.

Bicycles can be rented anywhere around the West Lake. Photo: Nguyen Chi

Bicycles can be rented anywhere around the West Lake. Photo: Nguyen Chi

To visit all the sights, if not take the tour, tourists often rent electric vehicles.Each truck about 5-7 people, go around the lake. However, if not concern new motor, the bike is a great choice to visit the West Lake. There are different types with different prices, depending on the type of vehicles, the lowest price of 100,000 VND for 4 hours.

With perimeter is not extensive, range 15 km, you can fully devote an afternoon to a slow ride around the lake. By this means, you can relax biking amid green canopy rop, past the small stone bridge in twilight - which can not be found in the tour.

Leo Lei Feng tower

Leifeng Pagoda is one of the coastal scenic West Lake. 5-storey tower, built octagonal-old veteran and has collapsed in the last few decades. Current tower built on the old foundations.

Guests will buy tickets for the tallest tower floors and panoramic view overlooking West Lake unrestricted. In fact, even when there is not enough time to visit all the main attractions around the lake, you should still take the time to climb the tower Lei Feng.

Enjoy the sunset on The Bridge, Bridge School

Like Lei Feng tower, bridge section, bridge Where is the tipping point can not be ignored in the West Lake. In Chinese culture, the West Lake is such as cultural and historical places of convergence, many legends, anecdotes have important implications for national culture formed from this place.

If the bridge is where Hua Tien Kieu The encounter Bach Thanh Nuong Xa legendary Death - White Soap, bridge in the affair reminds Butterfly - Chuc Anh Dai famous.

Sitting by the lake in the evening sun brilliant sunset, willow next row, green lotus spare parts, you really feel why Chinese folk saying: "Born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou and die in Liuzhou ". This is really a very liveable city and suitable for recreation.

Holy Temples India

The death penalty is not far from West Lake, just 15 minutes by taxi, with convenient bus routes to the foot of the temple. It was built nearly 2,000 years ago and through much restoration and embellishment. Very large and beautiful temple, including the usual touristy also visited.

Guests will buy entrance tickets and guided sightseeing flyer very detailed, easy to understand. However, it should be noted that each item of the temple was split in order to sell tickets, entrance tickets not included in the rest of the temple.

Eating meat Dongpo

Dongpo Meat is not only famous but also really conquered the most discerning guests, coming from many different cuisines in the world. This version is the "main tone" of meat warehouse Tau in Vietnam.

Dongpo meat can be found in any restaurant in Hangzhou. Photo: Nguyen Chi

Dongpo meat can be found in any restaurant in Hangzhou. Photo: Nguyen Chi

Meat sepia shiny, lean fat balance, cut squarish, knotted with fresh onion, in an earthenware bowl, steaming makes little one can refrain. Salty sweet harmony in perfect proportion, when to eat well without fussy, only served with steamed rice, add some vegetables are often cooked chips was enough.

You can eat this dish at all restaurants in Hangzhou from large to small, because no tourists come here without ever sampled.

Longjing tea drink

China is famous for tea, and the most famous Longjing tea was delicious premium. Longjing Tea Village is also close to West Lake, travelers want to visit can take the bus, taxi or sightseeing tours.

Longjing tea had been the feudal kings very popular. King Kangxi even this tea room as "royal tea", representing the king. Longjing tea processing very picky, ensure scrumptious taste.

However, tea is graded to 7 levels: Premium tea, special tea, tea Category 1 to Category 5. Guests will be very difficult not afford gourmet delicatessen, which often only select the kinds of prepackaged, or ordinary tea.

Fire dancing

Ancient silk Hangzhou is famous not only in domestic but also in neighboring countries, such as Vietnam. Previously, Hangzhou silk kind of a priority only for kings, with textile techniques reached a perfection in materials, sophistication motifs.

However, like many other products, not mastering difficult travelers purchase luxury silk, but only buy regular, or being infiltrated. Therefore, you should only buy a silk scarf with a reasonable price in order to avoid risks. Patterns, textures and colors of silk Hangzhou is indeed "list any damage transmission".

View show "Song To a true love"

Song Thanh Tourist Area quite far West Lake, usually it will take about 425,000 dong for the whole evening went on and on. This is a man-made attractions, replayed spatial ancient Song Dynasty with teahouses, restaurants, old houses and many time employees in ancient costumes, prompting tourists lost in the past.

Song into a true show the elaborate, spectacular starring giant number. Photo: Tri Tin

Song into a true show the elaborate, spectacular starring giant number. Photo: Tri Tin

The show "Song To a true love" has a very famous slogan was: "Give me a day / I will repay you a thousand years", will only recreate the historical lands since ancient Jiangnan by morphing Theatrical and dramatic to the viewer. This is one of the special show is directed by Zhang Yimou staged to boost tourism to this country.

Ticket price is quite high, about a million, took place for over an hour, but well worth opening your wallet.

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