Self hand pen ripe apples on the tree in South Korea

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I was lost in another world with a bunch of red ripe apples and hand pluck down, enjoy at the garden.

Mungyeong Arrived early days in November, I raised in my longing eyes gaze at the trees in sunny tidbits yellow or red maple leaf canopy overhead. From the city of Busan, it takes about 3 hours with the group you're moving to a new city in central South Korea this.

Looking through the window, Mungyeong too different from what my imagination about developing country in Asia Tuesday. There are no skyscrapers or dust, instead of a peaceful town lying quietly around the foothills.

In red gold color of deciduous forest tree season, I suddenly was attracted immediately by apple plantations roadsides, scattered throughout the hillside.


Korean apple season can last until March.

My eyes then seemed brightened up the sister States - guides the group guess what, she began to explain that this time South Korea is to harvest fruits such as apple, pear, pink ...

For someone just imagine for a fruit tree green, small and calm soothe sour like me, fresh red apple beams dangling in front gardens are attractive exotic fruits and stimulates curiosity.

And then we were in the apple orchard. Unlike the southern gardens, visitors come here just to buy a ticket and can go eat delight. Here apples are picked and sold at garden gate available. So to sell to the owner planted a garden for guests to agree only if approved by at least 10 kg of apples bought.

Initially, I thought it was not a small figure, but until touching the first apple tree, I realized everyone we just left was enough for 2-3 pen achieve the required number.

According to the farmer, where it has about 170 plants and around 40 kg per tree for an apple. To the left and to harvest, trees must be planted at least 4-5 years. The apple tree was planted straight rows, spaced approximately 2 m and white plastic sheet covered ground to hold moisture.


Apples ripe fragrant, sweet, cool.

Although the apple tree here was approximately 10 years old, but we also only half as tall as me. Apples ripe clusters, drooped caused orchard owners must use a cane stems from every side. Each apple as big as dinner bowl, just raise your hand that can pluck down easily. But look closely, I see the results in the high beam to converge into multiple and magenta. So I decided on that result by taking a dedicated rod capable of opening like hands to remove the apples from the branches.

The garden has weighed all just to be joyful, calling us try freshly picked apples down. This is probably the first time I have been enjoying fresh apples to that. Bite through the skin plump, I instantly feel the sweet, cool of apple juice spilled. Part flesh not only fragrant, crunchy but soothing yellow. In a moment fit in apple belly and only that but it has made me feel no no.

After a while engrossed touch, pick and chasing the apples, I reward myself moments of rest by sitting down a tree based. There is little cold autumn wind rustling blow, both in warmth when the sun's rays streaming through the foliage down to the mat. Around me, the team you're excited to create every shape with apples hung dangling.

Chat with me, she States - a Vietnamese bride in Korea since, picking apples with her has become a familiar work from home while their husbands. This is very hard work and requires the involvement of the whole family every time to harvest. Ms. Flowers added, many Korean people, especially students often choose to do more of the work picking apples. They can take advantage of free weekend time to enroll at the local farms.


One kilogram of apples sold in garden with 4,000 won (80,000 dong)

Farmers try to do a few hours is experiencing unplanned but my memorable. Not only food, are picked, we also buy apple as a gift to a cheaper supermarket. Now to me, beside the brilliant yellow of foliage, trees, autumn Korean red was wrong laden apple beams, the aroma emanating from the barrel of apples brought to Vietnam.

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