South Korean cutie DJ Soda is rumoured to get plastic surgery

  • 1700 days ago
Recently, some photos surfaced on the Internet that are supposedly the high school photos of one of South Korea’s top DJs, DJ Soda. She is rumored to have had plastic surgery.

Alleged photos of the Korean beauty taken when she was in high school recently made their way into social media, showing a drastic difference to her appearance now.  While normally one might think, “Wow, she really grew up!”, thanks to the cosmetic surgery culture in South Korea, people are saying, “Hey, wait a minute, did she get work done?”


If the pictures truly are of Soda, the results speak for themselves. She seems to have had work done on her cheeks and most likely on her nose.

While people may be jumping to conclusions, assuming that the sexy-cute DJ has more than just mother nature to thank for her current image is kind of understandable. Remember when another South Korean celebrity was busted on national TV when her CT scan revealed she had gotten a nose job? Her fans were not exactly pleased.


DJ Soda’s fans are pretty split on the issue. Some people have come to her defense, while others are positive she’s had surgery. But really, with cosmetic surgery so common, does it even really matter? Up until a few decades ago, people having their teeth straightened and whitened was still something of a rarity, but now TV and movie stars are rarely seen without perfectly straight, dazzling white teeth. Maybe in the near future, we may be surprised to learn that our beloved celebrities haven’t had surgery?


But with cosmetic surgery being so common in the country, it’s surprising how so many South Koreans still care about it.

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