The only Vietnamese pho noodle in Bolivia

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In a fortuitous opportunity, at that time it was very cold, I told you you in La Paz that wish I was eating a bowl of Pho Vietnam in this weather.He rounded up his eyes like remembering something, then dragged me to a noodle shop named Vina.

My eyes flower up, heaven and earth, here that also have star noodle shop? I hurry to the bar right is happy to tears, for two months I have not been eating a certain dish Vietnam. Pho Vietnam's true that original. I find consistency with her manager who also own cooking here. She was very young and I speak Vietnamese to hear it also was delighted. She said that this year bar before having a hotel that is my Vietnam. Then she let me recording the small shop and share the difficulties of the only open Pho Vietnam on Bolivian soil.


Beef noodle soup at La Paz, Bolivia.

Listen to the page - girls manage narrator has an uncle named integrity is the only person to make noodle shop in La Paz, phone number so I set out to Coroico, a town in the valley, 95 km from La Paz Road craggy gorge.

Heard physician in only his integrity because son working away, I become wary, "My goodness, he did not speak Spanish, Vietnamese just say that the lower valley living alone, whether he was making will be like? Why did doctors choose to stay in such loneliness. " That thought made me forget dizziness ramp from 4,000 m altitude of La Paz go down 1,500 meters in Coroico.

Coroico looming in front of me was a valley with beautiful tropical hills, unlike dry and cold climate in La Paz. I imagine that, that is why doctors can not make noodles integrity in La Paz altitude like that right down to it for baking, serving Vietnamese noodle shop only in Bolivia.

House physician integrity

Who accompanied on this trip is a Yoga teacher for me. I went looking for doctors and teachers integrity because I absolutely do not speak Spanish, à house physician integrity is no specific address. Finally we took a taxi and also find out where doctors in, how my hostel about 12 km. I phoned, he was delighted and said he would pour noodles now be sure that you can now see the new up working in the day care provider.

Where doctors in the arid hillside, we have to walk up, outside, one can see the stem, papaya, characteristic of the Vietnam countryside. I entered the house, he was elated, but in the eyes glimpsed the body bags. Very shabby living conditions and sketchy, these items have nothing. Alone doctors here, with the sound of boiling water noodle oven. Uncle said he kept asking and natural uncle answered, my objection to working and sharing their stories.


Uncle integrity is poured over the cake mold to make noodles in Bolivia.

Ven Que doctors at Lang Son and how doctors do still like noodles northern people do. One day doctors make 15 kg of noodles, the noodles when expensive restaurants will put more and more doctors continue to integrity. Kitchen made ​​noodles also use gas stoves, noodles are coated with mold and oven.

In Bolivia, there are Vietnamese live, however, was the only doctor integrity as noodles, the remaining people mainly mining. Uncle integrity has to Bolivia from June 9/2012 and lived until now. Physicians can only make noodles in Coroico, but can not do on La Paz for boiling water in which only 80 degrees C.


Uncle integrity inside the oven make noodles.

Said more about his life, doctors said integrity agreement with Vietnam travel in 3 years, but doctors missed Vietnam and whenever remember just cry alone. "Sang Me offspring here at home, but do not know how. Went then bear right," Uncle integrity voice settles down while hands continually pour dough into the mold.

Since there is no time to stay too long, so I have to farewell, doctors vein tears. When I went out to the door, then turned and uncle still standing there and waving goodbye. I had to go quickly to stop herself crying.

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