These destinations for families in 2016

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Wales, South Australia and New Zealand is the ideal country for you and your family to explore and experience countless fun things in the new year.

Here are the destinations that travel magazine Wanderlust suggestions for family trip in 2016.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

With waterfalls, mountains and castles, Europe is very appropriate place for children interested in exploring nature. Program Tatras Worldwide's Prague and the family will go through three Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to join rafting, caving, camping and watching the bears.


In addition to the activities explore the ancient works, visitors can participate in white water rafting, caving.

The journey begins with a night train through the mountains, then stops between the forest to the passengers to explore nature. With stunning views, Slovakia is well suited to cycling or walking around the ancient castle from the Middle Ages.

South Australia

If you love these adorable animals like koalas, you should visit South Australia. Guests will easily catch them is wander around. Join a tour Hairy-nosed Wombat Tracking in two days will give you the opportunity to camp and explore the life of this animal. Additionally, you can also visit the oldest winery located along the coast, exploring the Outback and Adelaide - the largest city state.


Oman is probably the safest country in the Middle East regional instability.Oman attracts visitors with lots of exciting activities such Arabian colors: immersed in the smell of incense in the markets of the Muslims, visited the downtown countless gold and admire beautiful mosques.

With the hospitality of an oriental country, Oman is guaranteed to make you satisfied. Take a few days to look around the beach and explore the beautiful village. Camping or sightseeing on the island of Masirah sea turtle is also fun activities that you and your family should not miss.

US east coast beaches

The US east coast states can not place famous for popular local expedition but certainly the ideal place for those families who love traveling. You can refer to a 12-day tour through the northeastern United States and its Niagara Falls Explore Travel or trip for next year's Big Apple.

Besides, tourists can visit the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory's, New York pizza, camping in Franconia Notch State Park or water tube slide on Ausable River.


In recent years, Wales is considered one of the attractions for the journey of discovery. With small green mountains, this country promises to become the world capital of this form of tourism.


Nature's peace Wales.

If you decide to come here, you prepared a tent big enough for the whole family and the tools needed to conquer the highest mountain in Wales lies Snowdonia.

Southern Namibia

Hire a car and hit the road four-conquer Africa right in the new year.Surely the kids will not be able to take your eyes off the wild beauty of the Kalahari Desert, the Canyon River fish or red sand dunes at Sossusvlei.Temperatures in the summer does not exceed 24 ° C in the south of Namibia will ensure the health of the whole family.

Atlantic coast of Ireland

Spread over 9 coastal counties of Ireland, the Atlantic region here gives visitors the chance to admire the beauty and unique impression. You can not help but watch and walk in Connemara and Kerry zone Inch beach or hiking in Killarney National Park.

Also, explore Donegal castle, experience the Titanic, visiting villages or cruises Railway Cable Car islands are also fun activities for the family.

Want to meet Fungie - famous dolphins? Please welcome tour by boat to watch the dolphins come to us in the water. Guests are guaranteed ticket refund if not met this scene.


Azores Islands of Portugal regularly holds great adventure for the family.Coming here, you will be watching the whales and dolphins swimming in the sea or ride around the volcano. In addition, cycling around the lake or rent a car to explore the island seats four and is the best choice.

Do you have small children, do not worry because you can totally hot bath with children, watching the waterfall and lake in inside the lava rock, sand castles, ...

New Zealand

Bicycles are the ideal means to explore the spectacular beauty of New Zealand. With mountain bike you can cross the bridge, through the forest, through the mountains, or excursions on the trail of 2,500 km.


New Zealand has many beautiful terrain, favorable for cycling and exploring.

Bike rentals are available in New Zealand and easy, you can camp overnight to explore nature and admire the stars. If not, hotels are scattered on the road are not difficult to find. Maybe you are very busy with their work, but let's win one period to preserve family memories with his small.

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