Top 10 world's most beautiful towns

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Among the beautiful destination and just under 65,000 people live by the Business Insider selected, the ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam also contributed.

Hoi An ancient town situated in the central province of Quang Nam, Vietnam, near the mouth of the Thu Bon River. It also preserved many ancient monuments and has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Sidi Bou Said is located near the capital, Tunis, Tunisia and on a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to a bewitching beauty of the surrounding nature, this town was an inspiration for many artists, including painter talented Swiss, Paul Klee.

Alberobello is a small town in Puglia, Italy. It is famous thanks to the limestone houses are preserved and recognized as special world heritage.

The old town of Annecy in France is a place with many houses, coffee shops brightly colored paint, situated along a river. Besides, the path along the river is also adorned with fresh flower pots or bike that visitors and residents often up neatly.

Sedona is located in Arizona is one of America's best small towns. Go to Sedona's Uptown area, visitors can find many restaurants, hotels, shops or art galleries ...

The coastal town of Positano, Italy is one of the favorite of many celebrities. Scenery blending of white gram, red and yellow livery of home, combined with the sky and the blue Mediterranean sea untouched eye.

One other nice towns of France as Dinan, Brittany zone, where the river Rance poetic flow. You just bought a crepe cake, walk the small streets that can explore the many nooks, beautiful shops and stayed here.

Albarracín is situated atop a mountain in Río guadalaviar, Teruel province, Spain. Guests will feel like you are traveling to the past while exploring the town. It features wood-frame houses, ancient walls and streets like labyrinths.

As a resort town of Slovenia, famous Bled with charm, full of charisma. The highlight of the town is the church is isolated in small island between the lake, a medieval castle on the cliff and the ridge of the Julian Alps.

Tenby is a coastal town located in southern Wales. Guests here will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the paved streets flanked by rows of restaurants, shops, cafe or bar, pub ... Currently, Tenby remains preserved many walls medieval.

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