Tourist attractions near Saigon during Tet

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Back to nature in Can Gio, Binh Island visit, Vinh Long and boating on the lake at Buu Long, Dong Nai is a pleasant experience to help you stay away from the agitation of the streets in the holiday.

5 resorts near Saigon below will help you get the perfect holiday.

Gio Ecological Zone

Ecological Park is considered the green lung of the city, known for mangroves, Dam Doi, Tram Chim or beach areas suitable for resting on the trip each weekend or holidays.


River water as Gio makes you forget the tiredness of everyday life. Photo: Yatlat.

Guests get to nature reserve with nature, is the habitat of many species of birds and several species of terrestrial amphibians. It is also attractive with thousands of Monkey Island, we enjoy freedom of movement on the island and very seasoned people. Also you can take a boat to Vam Sat resort to the crocodile or unleash immersed in the blue water at the beach 30/4.

Tourist Area Vinh Sang River, Vinh Long

Located in Binh Island year round green fruit, resorts Vinh Sang tourist attraction where Saigon shunned the hustle and bustle to return water gardens. It offers tourist services associated with ordinary activities of people Southwest.

From the city of Vinh Long, An Binh ferry ride takes about 10 minutes, you will be lost in an airy space with fruit orchards. It also attracted many rare animal species such as bears, spotted deer and ostrich ...


Vinh Long is famous for delicious fruit. Photo: Photo: capheHN

Guests will have a memorable experience while challenging crossing footbridges, grass skiing or cycling around the village, picking fruit boating and enjoy rustic dishes like alligator soup, braised snails leaves way , curry ostrich ... In addition, the traditional music tunes and always captivating.

Dai Nam tourist area, Binh Duong

This is an ideal spot to stay on holidays because only 40 kilometers from Saigon, very suitable for families with young children, wanted a recreation space.


Dai Nam tourist site with fascinating games. Photo: Shu Qi

With beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, hotels ... so visitors are spoiled for sightseeing, explore and relax. Children come here can get very playful in large artificial sea tens of thousands m2 is surrounded by lush green coconut trees.

Guests can also see the rare animals such as white lions, white rhinos, zebras, peacocks, hippos, South American squirrel monkeys ... A special feature here is the play area with many games will generate strong feelings help your family have a memorable experience.

Buu Long Tourist Zone, Dong Nai

Loving travelers known as "Bay of the South", Buu Long tourist area of ​​Bien Hoa city is only around 6 km, as an interesting destination with lakes, mountains surrounded created a romantic setting .


Buu Long tourism area. Photo: Hong Hanh.

Long An and Long Lake Van with large boulders between lakes create beautiful scenery. Guests can participate in services such as duck bicycle, boating, fishing, sightseeing swing and kind animals such as bears, deer, monkeys ...

It also stretches the roads, winding tree-lined shade. You like to get rid of the noise of life and return to nature.

Tourist Area slings Ho May, Vung Tau

From Saigon to Vung Tau is very convenient, can travel by car, motorbike, hydrofoils ... Come here, you have the opportunity to participate in the modern game as airplanes, horses rotate, chairs rotary, tram crash, death swing, climbing, slide German technology vehicles, horse riding, horse riding tours, cycling, water polo ... It promises with many attractive activities for a holiday lasts 2-3 days.

Especially water park with a lazy river and up to 60 m high straight chute length 30 m feeling strong.


Ho May Tourist Area, Vung Tau. Photo: homaypark

When the top of Big Mountain, you will get a panoramic view of the city of Vung Tau from above or walk in the woods, visiting the farm birds, deer ... attractive.

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